Thrush Song

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Our aim is to bridge Art and STEM skill sets to discover ways in which their design processes complement one another. We are an aspiring production team in visual arts at large. When we're not being so serious, we are avid hikers and hence the hermit thrush is emblematic to us for its inspiring song.

If you see something you like, or are interested in collaborating with one of our projects, please reach out to us via the "Contact" tab.

Jan. 20, 2014

3 Axis Antenna Scanner

Optical Defect Detection Scaled at RF

Automated and qualified a near field test setup, consisting of an XYZ raster scanning table, Network Analyzer and Ku Band waveguide probes. Credit given to Nicco Horvath for designing the mechanical table the device under test rests on and for the video footage.

The raster scanning jobs are performed using a custom designed automation software for communicating with the motors, VNA, and user-defined settings.

April 10, 2013

Electromagnetic Solver Using Google Sketchup?

Finite Difference Time Domain Gridding

Finite Difference Laplace equation relaxation solver. In the left graph is the normalized electric field present on an arbitrary conductor cross section (conductor is sticking infinitely out of the page) at time=0, when only charge has gathered on the surface. On the right graph is the normalized electric field at steady state. Note that only the right wall is electrically conducting which is why the electric field eventually attaches to it. This proves how a freely available structural modeler such as Sketchup can be used to draw complex geometries for home brew finite difference electromagnetics solvers.

Sketchup model converted to grid

The gridding technique can be expanded into 3 dimensions as well by leveraging the collision detection algorithms from 3D gaming libraries such as Python's Panda3D. In this case, a ray is traced along the profile of the scene, identifying the solid body by counting the even intersections of the ray with the model's surfaces. Using Sketchup's export feature to COLLADA file format, material properties can be easily stored (indicated by color in the picture above).

 Coaxial cable 3D model transformed into a solid model

For instance, the electrical properties of this coaxial cable (with a red center conductor, blue outer conductor, and green dielectric) can be stored in the COLLADA schema.

Oct. 15, 2014

Diffraction Bubble Simulation

Plane Wave Incident on 2D Wedge

User interface developed for interactively plotting the time history of a di ffraction bubble observed in the interaction of a TE impulse plane wave with an infi nite 2D wedge. Developed to research potential alternatives to asymptotic frequency methods such as the Uniform Theory of Di raction.  

Oct. 4, 2013

Character Editor

Keystroke Controls for Triggering Actions/Animations

A custom character editor was written to allow pixel art animations to be compiled and controlled by keyboard and/or mouse. The animations are actually a superposition of multiple animation layers (such that the animation for legs can be independently controlled from the animation for a torso, etc.). The designer has full control over deciding the effect of user input on each animation layer and for coordinating complex combinations of moves (e.g. from a running sprint to a jump). Absolutely no programming talent is needed by the art designer.

March 8, 2016

Peer Pong

iOS Multi Peer Connectivity Pong

A simple Objective-C implementation of the game of Pong, whereby a ball is volleyed between two players in an attempt to score by hitting it past the opponents paddle. Each player controls their paddle using the iOS accelerometer via rotation in two dimensions. When the ball is hit off the screen to the right, the iOS MPC framework is used to communicate where it should land on the iOS device of the opponent. While the game logic is written in Objective-C, the user interface is written in Python using the Kivy framework.

Jan. 8, 2014

Random Map Generation

With Search and Destroy AI

A node-based and A-star search and destroy algorithm was developed as a foundation concept for an action adventure game. The rooms are randomly generated per user defined constraints.

Oct. 28, 2011


show flyer

  This is a flyer for an art show  Jessie had  in 2011. It is created from an image of one of her watercolor paintings

June 25, 2015

Feeding Fundamentals


Feeding Fundamentals is an independent business that provides professional development and consultation services for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit staff (nursing, therapy) as well as Early Intervention staff. For their site we wanted to create something clean, easy to navigate, and recognizable with a soothing color scheme and design. This site was also an experiment with the Wordpress API and PHP plugins and still very much so a work in progress.


Jan. 14, 2014


Fine Art Drawings and Paintings

JStark Art is a site we created to host Jessie's fine art. The site allows interaction with clients interested in purchasing current work through Paypal's API. It was the first website we ever created and continues to be a launching point for new techniques and experimental cloud hosting ideas for our future website design. Check it out for some awesome art work.

June 30, 2015

Living Life Creations


Living Life Creations is a small business in Colorado creating beautiful leather designs &  custom woodwork creations. This logo was hand drawn & then vectorized so it can be blown up to any size.